“Robert Sax knows how to turn the story of a business into a valuable marketing tool. His advice has helped many of our clients sell their goods and services successfully.”
—Rick Rhoads, Rick Rhoads and Associates, Los Angeles

“The number of customer leads generated by SAX Public Relations’ program was far beyond our expectations. We achieved visibility on an international level and met with influential industry analysts. This dramatically boosted our company’s credibility.”
—Cedric Van Rossum, Atzio Technology, Los Angeles

“The success of our 150th Anniversary Campaign had much to do with the persistence, thoroughness and professional know-how of Robert Sax.  He has helped our agency in innumerable ways.”
—Lisa Brooks, Director, Communications & Donor Relations, Jewish Family Service of Los Angeles

“Robert immediately grasped the nature of my business, devised innovative PR strategies and above all, told the truth. I value his suggestions, and his placements for me have been excellent.”
—Joanne Black, No More Cold Calling, San Francisco

“I continue to tell people what a great marketing practitioner Robert Sax is. He always tells it like he sees it, never BS’s his way around a situation – meaning, if he says something will get ink, it will. Robert comes from the film industry, so he is always looking for story value in a marketing initiative, which is the key to capturing the audience’s attention. Versatile, talented, perpetually curious and honest, Robert is the real deal. This is why I keep feeding Robert new clients, because he makes me look good!”
—Dan Katz, LAads Marketing, Los Angeles

“Robert Sax’s strategic thinking and strong sense of story were essential elements of Webalo’s public relations program. He helped us develop the media and analyst relationships that spread the story of our products and services to prospective customers around the world. Robert’s contributions to our online public relations program also helped us achieve consistent growth in lead generation. I recommend Robert Sax to any business that wants to grow.”
—Peter Price, CEO, Webalo Inc.